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2019 CSPC Teeth Care Day Promotion was Successfully Organized

Issue Date:2019-09-23

On September 20th, the 31st "National Teeth Care Day", CSPC conducted Teeth Care Promotion in the Haihui Kindergarten and Xiqu Kindergarten, benefiting about 1,000 children in the two kindergartens.




CSPC volunteers adopted interesting and effective methods to carry out the promotion upon the children's nature. They introduced the importance of teeth caring, the tips to protect teeth from decay, and the proper way to brush teeth by riddles, songs and games, which well attracted the children, and aroused their interests in oral health.

Since 2012, CSPC has been promoting Teeth Caring in the surrounding kindergartens every year in conjunction with the "National Teeth Care Day", as to enhance people's oral health awereness in the community.